Sandstone Retaining Walls

Sandstone retaining walls are an eye catching and cost effective option to retain large areas. Perfect for rural and acreage properties, and as a bonus, they look pretty darn great in our opinion.

One common mistake people make when attempting to retain their own landscape, is underestimating the importance of drainage and prep work. Preparation is key to longevity and practicality, ensuring your wall won't move on you, and won't result in a flooding of your garden, or worse yet, your house.

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Tiered sandstone retaining wall with a native garden bed
Custom stairs for corner access

A wall in progress
Custom cut stairs

Mitch and Toby did a stellar job on this curved retaining wall. Using a diamond tip chainsaw they were able to cut the blocks to ensure a seamless curve was achieved, with no splayed gaps.

Tiered retaining wall with garden bed.
Our 10 Tonne Excavator with rock grabs, on her way to stack a wall.
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